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Test address book lync

Test-CsAddressBookService. Module: skype. Applies to: Lync Server , Lync Server , Skype for Business Server Tests the ability of a user to access the server that hosts the Address Book Download Web service. This cmdlet was introduced in Lync Server 1 Nov Who can run this cmdlet: By default, members of the following groups are authorized to run the Test-CsAddressBookService cmdlet: RTCUniversalServerAdmins. To return a list of all the role-based access control ( RBAC) roles this cmdlet has been assigned to (including any custom RBAC roles you have. 5 Jun When you run the cmdlet, Test-CsAddressBookService connects to the Address Book Download Web service on the specified pool and requests the location of the Address Book files. If the Address Book Download Web service supplies that location, the test is considered successful. If the request is denied.

20 Jun Some time ago we got a case where a customer said that the users of a single pool couldn't download Lync Address Book. The error that the users were receiving was: “Cannot synchronize with the corporate address book because the file could not be found.” When testing with the cmdlet. 15 Jan Address book creation in Lync Client happens separately and it never talks to Exchange. After this, the responsible server for update process of the address book will start a synchronization pass once in every 24 hours usually AM local Pick any one of the affected users and perform these tests. 15 Jan The address book creation in Lync client happens separately and it never talks to Exchange. The core Pick any one of the affected user and perform the below tests. From the This is the value which the addressbook server looks for any pending synchronization events for the lync e there.

If you have set the availability to download, when a client starts it will connect to the internal or external Address Book Server URL: URL Internal From Server; https://LyncpoolFQDN/abs/handler; URL External From Server;https:// LyncExternalWebServiceFQDN/abs/handler. Use the Test- CsAddressBookService and. 10 Apr In previous versions of Lync, normalizing phone numbers stored in user accounts in Active Directory involved using the text file. This file contained normalization rules to take phone number attributes from users in Active Directory (which are typically. 5 Sep I have been troubleshooting some Lync address book failures this week. I thought I would sit It may still be helpful. I would remove UCS for troubleshooting if your having Address Book Problems anyway. Now with those things out of the way, let's do some simple test for the Address book service : Test-.


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