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26 Nov Community Builder can be localized / translated to other languages using CB Language plugins. Once a CB Language plugin is installed (using the CB Plugin Management installer), your Community Builder frontend and backend views will display messages in the specific language. The CB Language. 21 Jun How can I change the wording of Community Builder areas? CB uses its CB Plugin Manager to install CB Language plugins. If a CB Language plugin is not installed, then the default language plugin files (present in CB) are used. You can of course alter these default files directly, but you would lose these. hello, I want to install CB language plugin, but I did not find where to download it, can you tell me where it is? Thank you. Best regards. Eric.

Community Builder has its own CB Language plugin framework that supports front-end and back-end translations. A single CB language plugin handles both ends of the translation. A complete CB Language plugin will also support (front- end) translations of CB Team released add-ons (the ones shown on this page. This project contains all CB related language plugins organized as different sub- projects for each national language. All official CB Language plugins will be available in the sub-project repositories. If you do not see your language below in the sub-projects list, it means that no one has offered to manage this translation. Community Builder and CBSubs support different languages using CB Language plugins. A CB Language plugin is installed using the CB Plugin Manager and not the Joomla installer.

16 Sep As stated Community Builder has language plugins (see CB Plugin Types) that can be used to localize CB in any language. CB also has a set of default language files (see CB API document) that are pre-installed during CB installation. These default files should not be altered as they will be over-written. CB en-GB Language plugin released. CB en-GB language plugin released for english language customization and translation projects. Added by nant almost 6 years ago. The CB en-GB language pug in has just been released. You can install it as a CB Plugin and customize it to your liking on English sites.


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