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kda: Keda 12A rev B with inverted PWM input (30A should also work); Dynam 18A, 25A with Blue Heat Shrink; Hobby King Multistar series (30A and under). mkblctrl1: MikroKopter BL-Ctrl v1.x (flashable by ISP only). Hobby King Red Brick 50A (RBESC). Hobby King Red Brick 70A (RB70A) ; Hobby. · 3D build, 3 years ago. · A new build, 3 years ago. · Fix voltage sense values for kda boards. 4 years ago. · 3D build, 3 years ago. · A new build, 3 years ago. · Add 8khz target for early Multistar 30A boards that have problems. 4 years ago. hma · hxta · kda · kda_8khz · kda_nfet · kda_nfet_ni · mkblctrl1 · rb50a · rb70a · rct50a · tbs · tbs_hv · tgy · tgy6a · tgy_8mhz · tp · tp70a · tp_8khz · tp_i2c · tp_nfet. Gap-fill (avrdude verify bug workaround) Build configured source and binaries. General Configuration. Turnigy USB linker STKv2 boot loader on PWM.

21 Aug Firstly the correct hex has to be chosen for these specific ESCs from a firmware archive. These ESC appear to be discontinued on HobbyKing so I had to chose something that appeared very closely related - "". The flashing software, KKMulticopter tool, is a convenient way of doing things (though. 14 Sep Multistar 30A SimonK Upgrade Problems. So, it appears that if you flash your pre- HobbyKing Multistar 30A ESCs with the SimonK firmware they tend to overheat and catch fire Scroll to the bottom of the page if you want to skip the anecdote and go straight to the new hex file. I have similar ESC overheating problems with all four of my flashed 30A ESC's. Multistar 30A ESC, successfully flashed with via kkmulticopter. DJI F PCB Arducopter controller powered by one of the ESC leads (SBEC), others d/c'd . HK Propdrive S kv motors 10" props. 4S lipo.

2 Jan Once everything was ready to go, I had to figure out which version of Simonk would work with Turnigy Multistar ESCs. Based off of this forum post, it appears that the kda version is compatible with Turnigy Multistar ESCs up to 30 amps. I downloaded the latest version of Simonk, which include the hex files. 17 May That gives me the choices of , , , kda_8khz. hex, and , each a board target for which the SimonK code can be configured to build. There's also a chance that the design is totally different from those entirely, since the form factor did change and thus Charles's. simonk download - Direct download via magnet link.


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