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Jenkins java api

A Jenkins API Client for Java. MIT Licence Maven Central Build Status. Important Note. The Jenkins API Client For Java has now moved under the umbrella of the Jenkins GitHub Organization. What is the "Jenkins API Client for Java"? This library is just a piece of java code which uses the REST API of jenkins. sis · stics · l · ment · · ty · _category · jenkins. · · · · ty · · ty.s2m. Agent → master security. jenkins. slaves. 17 Dec Field, Value. Name, Jenkins API client for Java. Description, A Jenkins API client for Java. Homepage, Project Organization. This project does not belong to an organization. Build Information. Field, Value. GroupId, s. ArtifactId, jenkins-client-.

3 Nov There is the Jenkins REST API which could suit your needs. Alternatively, there are literally hundreds of plugins for Jenkins so it is likely that you could run your whole process from within Jenkins using. Build Pipeline. This plugin provides a Build Pipeline View of upstream and downstream connected jobs. 23 Mar Issue I would like to be able to build a job remotely using the Jenkins REST API and Java. This provides a workaround for JENKINS createSubList(tion, ) to consider only TopLevelItem s. (That will also consider the caller's permissions.) If you really want to get just Project s at top level, ignoring permissions, you can filter the values from getItemMap() using SubList(tion, java. ).

A build of a Project. Steps of a build. Roughly speaking, a Build goes through the following stages: SCM checkout: Hudson decides which directory to use for a build, then the source code is checked out; Pre-build steps: Everyone gets their ld(AbstractBuild, BuildListener) invoked to indicate that the build is. 27 Jan A slightly different version of the CLI is “Jenkins as SSH server”. Jenkins speaks the server side of the SSH protocol, and allow regular SSH clients to execute a subset of CLI commands. In this way, you don't need any Java runtime installed on the client side to drive Jenkins. These two integration APIs are. 30 Apr ArrayList; import ; import ; import com. Response; import WebResource; /** * API: * ? * * LIST JOBS: * http://my. * * COPY JOB: Create AA_TEST_JOB1 by copying.


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