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Lido enroute charts

Lido/RouteManual represents innovative and state-of-art procedure charts displaying only relevant flight information that supports flight operation efficiency while reducing the pilot's workload. Navigation chart content focuses on Airline Operations and meets the highest standards in terms of precision and quality. All charts. Lido/RouteManual. Enhance your safety and efficiency during ground operations. Lido/RouteManual. Lido/eRouteManual - All navigation charts required for your flight. With Lido/eRouteManual we provide you with an electronic version of our navigation charts. The Tracks function displays former flown trajectories which can be displayed on the enroute map as well as on georeferenced SIDs and STARs. Based on this valuable information, cockpit crews can decide during briefing and.

General text information in iOS-based Lido/mPilot is embedded in the application . Both apps include airport taxiway charts, approach and take-off charts, and a seamless worldwide enroute chart. All charts can be updated anytime and anywhere by using a wireless internet connection. The navigation applications from. 16 Apr We now have an agreement with Lufthansa Systems to distribute their worldwide coverage of Lido/RouteManual terminal charts and enroute maps to the flight simulation community. The new Lido/RouteManual charts will replace our current coverage; on the release day we will support airports in 13 May We are pleased to announce the release of Lido/RouteManual airport and enroute charts to the flightsim community through Navigraph Charts system. Supplied by Lufthansa Systems, these charts are used professionally by major airlines around the world. Lido/RouteManual charts show true-to-scale.

11 Jul Virtually all types of FMS and fleets: Civil aviation. Air Forces. Helicopters. Charting Data. Flight Simulator GSD. >Lido/FMS data for all purposes . >Lido/ iRouteManual Enroute. ▫ Fully dynamic world-wide enroute chart. ▫ Flight plan entry. ▫ Layer switching. ▫ Attribute lookup. ▫ Communication. 9 Aug Is there a consistent way to find CPDLC/ADS-C login information on LIDO enroute charts for each FIR?. 5 Dec Winds are fairly good and a/c specific fuel burn tends to be very accurate. However, the enroute and terminal charts, I think, have a lot to be desired. But, pilots are creatures of habit and going from Jepp to Lido, I think is a step backwards. But, it's all what you're used to. For me, I like the Jepp. Phil Squares is .


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