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Maze runner map

"Nice to meet ya, Shank" The boy said "Welcome to the Glade!". This is a fully working creation of the Glade and Maze from The well known Book and Fil. Maps are made by the Runners everyday after they run through the Maze in an effort to find a way out to escape the Maze. They are kept in the Map Room in the Glade. In the film, the Runner's build one big map of the Maze using twigs and small branches along with other similar. This is a fully working creation of the Glade and Maze from The well known Book and Film - The Maze Runner Skysworld is the builder of the Maze - I have recieved permission from him to add the Adventure / Escape elements to the map (and the Grievers). I hope you check out his original build.

This is a Minecraft adventure map based of the new movie The Maze Runner Be warned that this map will contain SPOILERS from the movie so it's advised that you see the movie before playing this map This started out as a little fun mini game project that sprawled into this mmdanggg2 helped with. 16 Apr When waking up you find yourself a weird place called "The Glade." You have no past memories of your life. Outside of The Glade is a massive maze that. Home to the Gladers, incorporating four main areas: The Gardens, the Blood House (where the Gladers keep their animal stock), the Homestead (including a map room), and the Deadheads (an area of woodland in which dead Gladers are buried). The Glade, square in shape, is surrounded on all four sides by impossibly.

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