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I had to remove fonts from the workshop addons. They don't load properly sometimes. Now we just download the fonts one time with fast DL. It's a easy process and it works. Didn't solve anything, but it is now making me download a font file which makes the loading take forever. I better restore those files then, or atleast the font. Macklin Guy on Lobby 2. @avacabana we have been working on a fix, doing various patches and changes to find the cause. Sadly we are finding that it could be a gmod. Not necessarily that this is a bug, it's just that whenever I go to join GMTower or any Gamemode, my game is always stuck downloading 'resource/fonts/'. I have no idea what to do at this point, and I'm typically .

30 Oct if you need the digital 7 font search for it on the internet. Example: font not some random thing then drop it in the fonts folder in gmod. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\ garrysmod\resource\fonts. Last edited by Angrylink; Nov 2, 27 Jan ALL the Workshop items for GMod Tower - includes all stuff from the official collection plus old Lobby 1 + miscellaneous stuff that was left out (in particular, this fixes the missing textures at the Source Karts station) This does NOT fix the missing or fonts issues. To fix those. 26 Feb Font problem. Everytime i want to play gmod tower it has to redownload all it's font and it takes so a long and it's annoying. Anyone know how to fix this? Showing of 1 comments. TCOdelt · View Profile View Posts. Mar 7, @ pm. Yep, download the fonts and put them in your font file. #1.

include('') Group = RENDERGROUP_TRANSLUCENT local FONT = "GTowerSkyMsg" local SMALLFONT = "GTowerSkyMsgSmall" Font("Arial", , , true, false, FONT) Font(" Arial", 64, , true, false, SMALLFONT) function ENT:Initialize() self:SetModel( self. 3 Jun Added the ability to end the radio stream; Added back sv_loadingurl; Increased font size of side messages/announcements; Disabled ball race orb while seated; Fixed swapping equippables in the equip slots. No longer do you need to unequip first; Added sound for potions; Added new sounds for merchant. 26 Apr Fixed chat scrollbar snapping to bottom when you scroll to the top. Fixed chat clipping issues; Fixed serverside chat messages not respecting locations (such as theater queue); Fixed a bug with crosshair and multiserver panels; Fixed drinking not working; Changed tooltip description font to something more.


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